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To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. ... Marilyn vos Savant

Student Testimonials

Reschelle O’Connor

I walked through the doors & heard Pete’s calming voice, filled with passion & wisdom for a craft I was so fortunate to find. Pete & Soph are the reason I stand on stages. Their care & love for student growth is unique, it’s special, & how lucky you are if you find yourself under their guidance to learn not just about acting but about yourself. They nurture & challenge us to achieve things not only in performances, but also within ourselves. Those private battles we have within & with scenes & characters no one else sees, except for Pete & Soph. They see it because they pay attention, they care & are so generous with their support. It’s the stuff inside that counts, and this is one of the key lessons I walk away with. A place I could go every week & LEARN important things that matter. No mask, no feeling the weight of life. Just actors being taught the value of being present & alive in the moment by passionate teachers always reminding us to CONNECT.  How lucky I am to have found this place. Thank you for being so patient, supportive and kind. For the lessons I have gained, I am most grateful for knowing you both. I’m taking a break from class, but I know I will eventually return to continue growing as an actor & as a person.  Thank you so much for everything you have taught me & for giving me the confidence to fly.



Maria Ospina





Thanks for being such an amazing teacher for me over the last few years. I’ve really learnt so much in your Acting Classes & feel I’ve grown as an actor.  You’ve helped give me the courage to make the big leap from stability & tedium to excitement & passion. Your approachability and really hard work for your students is truly inspiring and I really appreciate all the advice you’ve given me over the years. Thanks again for being a wonderful teacher, for challenging me and giving me something to look forward to every week. … Claudia Greenstone

Dearest Peter,“Thank you” is probably the best way to begin.  I feel in the past 15 or so months that I have been at your school I have not only grown as an actor, but more importantly I have grown as a person.  Your work with, and dedication to all your students is invaluable and I only hope that my passion for acting is as evident as yours.  You have been a role model for me and I thank you dearly.  I hope that the teaching experience has been just as rewarding for you as has been the learning experience for me.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge of such a beautiful craft, and I look forward to seeing you in the industry. … Gabby Mazzarino

Hi Peter, I don’t know if you remember me. I took a number of your Acting classes with you in Melbourne a few years ago. Took some time off to have a baby and now I’m back into things. Anyway just a note to say thank you for your teachings. I finally have made it on to a very successful T.V. series here in Greece. It is without a doubt what I learnt in your Classes has stayed with me and given me the strength over the years. I have attended other Acting Classes but it was your Classes that taught me how to act. I am always visiting Melbourne will drop in for some more classes.  Thank you. … Paula Theodore

Peter Sardi guides the actor through a wonderous journey of exploration that leaves the actor gasping not only for air, but for the continuance of the journey. Thought provoking and enriching. Rarely have I found a teacher who is able to engender such a positive and nourishing support to their students. Many times after a class I have marveled over the pearls of Acting wisdom Peter has revealed and for those elusive moments when clarity finally appeared through the haze. … Kris Weber

You are without doubt a fabulous teacher and this is largely because you so passionately believe in what you do and your method of teaching. It is a formula that works! I know you’ve spent years perfecting it. I feel honored to have been able to benefit from all your years of experience. Every time I’ve enrolled I have often thought I get from you far  more than my monies worth. I totally enjoyed the Melbourne Performance Night and it certainly does feel different performing in front of a live audience – what a buzz! … Janine

I thoroughly enjoyed last term so much that at times I felt like I was a kid again. I had no idea how much fun your classes would be and can’t wait to continues the journey. I am grateful I was referred to your Drama School. Thank-you. …Leon

I enjoyed your classes so much! Thanks for everything over the last year or so, I have learnt a lot about Acting and life in general! Your Classes allowed me to explore myself a little more than what I would have otherwise in just everyday life. Your classes provoke the desire in people to learn more about themselves and learn about the craft of Acting. Many Thanks.  …Melanie

I want to give you millions of thanks for everything that I have learnt in your Acting Course. These last months have been full of excitement, enjoyment, constant discovering of myself and others. I hope you carry on teaching for years and years, hence people will have the amazing opportunity to learn and enjoy Acting in the most useful, powerful and fun way as I did. In two months I’ll be in Spain, don’t know if I’ll back in Melbourne or not, but certainly I won’t ever forgot this astonishing experience.  All the best. …Aroa

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