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Directing Showreels

What is a Showreel?  A Showreel is a short video that shows how you look & sound on camera. You’ll find that most directors & agents want to see a clip from your Showreel to get some idea of how you look & perform to camera.  Peter brings his vast experience (30 years!) in front of the camera in both Film & Television to produce and direct Showreels for actors of the highest standard. 

The material/script for the showreel is personally hand picked by Peter Sardi so as to show the actor in his/her best light.  After reading & discussing the scene Peter brings his many years of practical experience and rehearses the scene with both actors on a separate day from the actual shooting of the showreel. A full day is allocated for the shoot.  Once this is done – Peter takes a full week to edit your Showreel scene.  If doing a Showreel is something you are considering – Don’t hesitate to contact our Melbourne office.

COST: $750.00 
per actor x 2 actors

Inclusive in cost:

  1. Choice of the ‘right’ scene.  
  2. Read through & discussion.
  3. Rehearsal – conducted on separate day to shoot day.
  4. Direction.
  5. The Shoot.
  6. Editing … to include Titles & Music.
  7. 2 DVD Copies. 
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