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Acting 1 – The Instrument       Code C

Thursday    7pm-11pm            4 hour class x 9 classes.

In the same way that a pianist has his instrument -“the piano,” an actoralso has his instrument. The actor’s instrument is his BODY. Within the BODY lie the actor’s tools which he/she utilizes in the effort to create the life of a human being – a character. Through a methodical practice of specific “exercises” these elements are developed and strengthened and eventually lead to the most important skill in acting – LISTENING and the ability to live moment to moment with one’s fellow actor.

Acting 2 – The Script               Code B

Tuesday      7pm-11.pm          4 hour class x 9 classes.

The actor will utilize the skills he has learned in Acting 1/The Instrument to take him/her to the next level of training.  In this class, each actor will learn the all important skill of relating and connecting to his fellow actor, but now introducing a scripted scene.  The actor uses his/her imagination to invent a situation that gives birth to the text of the given scripted scene. 

Acting 3 – The Scene               Code A

Monday      7pm – 11pm         4 hour class x 9 classes.

At the invitation of Peter Sardi the student will progress to Acting 3/ The Scene. 
The actor will utilize the skills he has learned in Acting 2/ The Script to take him/her to the next level of training.  In the effort to “create a scene” – development of character, situation and relationship are explored more fully.

Acting For Camera Workshop

A series of  “one-off – workshops” will be held during the year.
Acting for The Camera requires specific skills which differ from acting for the stage. Peter will utilise his many years of practical experience in this field to impart valuable information to the student. The student will perform actual Film/TV scenes which will subsequently be “played back” on a TV monitor. The student in this way has the opportunity to see ‘first hand’ the results of his/her work. Discussion and feed back will be given on the students progress and ability to take direction.  *At the conclusion of the workshop each actor will receive a fully edited DVD of their work.

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