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Latest Performances

<——This Video (left) contains 5 brief Scene excerpts.  All the actors are doing exactly the same script – However you will experience 5 totally different scenes and 10 different characters because each actor had the opportunity to bring his own unique imagination and physicality to the material/text on the page.



See here BELOW – The FULL Scenes from the excerpts above.

ACTORS: Mansat Singh Khroud & Sean Kitcher                                           ACTORS: Adele Elasmar & Alan Stephens


ACTORS: Bill Thomas & Gabriella Mazzarino                                               ACTORS: Michael Nadalin & Reschelle O’Connor


And when those words are written on a page in the form of a SCRIPT they Lie MOST of the time.  In a well written script characters often don’t say what they mean or mean what they say. In a well written script it’s the subtext where the actual scene is unfolding. It’s our job as actors to communicate what is ‘going on’.  And what is really going on is often in contradiction to the words being spoken. … Peter Sardi


ACTORS: Ryan Brennan & Shae O’Reilly

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