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QUOTE OF MONTH"If you allow it, the audience will do half the acting for                                            you."~ William Hazlitt


For more information regarding all classes please contact – Sophie Sardi
9432-3062  0419 539030  or  email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au



Jon Bryden – a long standing member of our school – will be appearing in Miss Fisher's murder mysteries this 
Friday 6th September 8.30pm ABC1.  Congrats Jono!



“The seed to the craft of acting is the reality of doing.” … Sanford Meisner
EMOTIONS:   Our emotions come freely when our attention is on something else and that something else is what we  are doing.    When our attention is not on being emotional, our emotions suddenly become much more available. 

SITUATION IS KEY in bringing the Text & Character to Life!

<—When you work on a scripted scene, I trust that you won’t rely solely on the text that the author gave you to inform you what the scene is about.  The scene is always about (if it’s well written) what is going on, and what is going on, is not in the words coming out of the actors mouths given by the playwright.  What is going on has to do with the elements of  ‘situation’, ‘relationship’, ‘needs & wants’. 
That is:  “The Given Circumstances.”


View latest student work…

In these 4 brief scenes all the actors are doing exactly the same script However you will experience 4 totally different scenes and 8 different characters because each actor had the opportunity to bring his own unique imagination and physicality to the material/text on the page, and through his imagination, was able to discover a meaning beneath the playwright’s text – a subtext: It’s in the subtext where the real scene is unfolding.


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