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QUOTE OF MONTH: The more you do your homework, the more you’re free to be intuitive, but you’ve got to put the work in.”Edward Norton


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“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under the imaginary given circumstances.” 
... Sanford Meisner

In this brief 2+ minute video Peter Sardi touches on a few significant truths about acting.



Often we spend our lives waiting.  Waiting for the ‘right time’, the ‘right situation’, the ‘right job’, the ‘right relationship’, the right … whatever…  before we start living our lives.  We keep waiting.  In doing so we give up, surrender our power our control.  We give our power away to some illusive future moment that does not exist in the belief that some one some thing will change, and when that day comes we will finally achieve our life’s purpose or goal.  We will be happy. What has all this got to do with ‘acting’?  ACTORS are especially susceptible to this WAITING game.  Why?  The very stuff of the actor’s life is one where he/she is continually waiting for the next job, the next audition.  Waiting for his/her agent to call.  Actors are incredibly dependant on the director, the casting agent and their particular agent for the next acting job.  This can be incredibly disempowering. Control is given over to another – the director or the agent.  It is very easy for an actor to get lost in this waiting game and suddenly turn around one day and realise that he/she has been waiting for 30 – 40 years!  I can already hear some of you, who may have been in this profession for some time, say: “Well we don’t have a choice.  We don’t have any control.  It’s just the way things are for us actors.”  This will be true for you if you believe it.  However you do have a choice.  If you truly want to act, need to act you will find a way to do this.  You need to find other actors who feel the way you do.  You need to surround yourself with people/actors who have the same needs and sensibilities you do and support each other in a way that helps you hold onto your ideals your enthusiasm and passion.  …Peter Sardi 7/3/2011

Please read this BEFORE you view Video on Left. The video on the left is a ‘demonstration’ of the ‘playing for contact exercise’ developed over an 18 year period at our school. To some people viewing this video all they will see is two adults clowning around and making a lot of noise.  Some actors, who have the ability to look closely and really observe the exchange happening between these two actors, will see how this simple exercise is everything to do with ACTING.  When you watch two good actors performing a ‘scene’ together, if you look closely ‘behind the veil of the scene’, you will see/feel the elements of PRESENCE/CONNECTION that must exist between two actors on stage.  This ability of actors to create and bring about these elements is the foundation of an actor’s craft.



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