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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “Everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself.” … William Blake


Please note that there are now only 2 vacancies remaining for next term.

If you have already signed up for these classes please note your commencement date(s) below.

FOR ALL INFO ON ENROLING go to: <ENROL NOW!> *Late payments  accepted  if vacancy exists.



Class A. Monday class -> 19 October 7pm  Sharp!
Class B. Tuesday class ->
20 October 7pm  Sharp!  
Class C. Wednes. class ->
21 October 7pm  Sharp!


Advanced Theatre Class.The Instrument Class is the foundation of Acting and consists of some of the most important elements and techniques that, when understood and practiced, will eventually assist an actor to arrive at a quality of acting that is truthful, imaginative and expressive.  What actually happens in The Wednesday evening Acting class?  The following description may assist & give you a broad idea of what occurs in this Acting class.

In the same way that a pianist has his instrument – “The Piano” – an actor also has his instrument. The Actor’s instrument is his body. Within the BODY lie the actor’s ‘tools’ which he /she utilizes in the effort to create the life of a human being – a “Character”.'Play for Contact' exercise.

What are the actor’s “tools”? The actor’s tools are his will, imagination his emotions and the all important – body. These elements are the foundation of the actor’s craft. Through a methodical practice of specific Acting exercises these elements are developed and strengthened as they eventually lead to the awakening of the creative capacities within the actor.

'Play for Contact' exercise.

Do you find the above description regarding the craft of Acting a little difficult to understand?  How well you understand it isn’t really important in terms of your ability to actually learn the craft of Acting.  If the mere understanding of a particular skill was enough, then any intelligent person could become a very good actor or painter or musician.  There is a huge gap between the understanding of something and the doing of something.  Understanding is of the mind/intellect.  Doing is of the body.  The body is probably the most important tool in an actors craft.'Play for Contact' exercise.

The focus of the Wednesday evening Acting class is the body.

Are you still a little confused of what is being said here? Then click on:

<Peter Sardi talks Acting … a 10 minute video.>

where you will hear Peter speaking about the craft of Acting along with seeing several demonstrations.


A quote: “The important thing is to use the role as a trampoline, a chance to study and play with what is behind our masks.  Creativity, especially where acting is concerned, Is boundless sincerity, yet disciplined.”  … Jerzy Grotowski



Mao’s Last Dancer – Great New Australian movie.


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