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Can Acting Be Taught?


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*For more information regarding all classes please contact Sophie Sardi: 
9432-3062 0419 539030 or email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au

Can anybody learn to act?  Do acting exercises help?

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The Playing for Contact Exercise – Video Demonstration


The Listen & Respond Exercise!

Peter Sardi describes the Listen & Respond Exercise.  This acting exercise assists actors to transcend the words on the page and engender a deep connection – actor to actor.  It helps to re-enforce one of the most important elements in the actors craft.  The ability to truly LISTEN.  It is not to the ‘words’ we are listening to but to the BEHAVIOUR.  It is a craft, and a craft can be learned!

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A scene from two of our students devised from the signature exercise, “the Listen & Respond.”





Rarely have I found a teacher who is able to engender such a positive and nourishing support to their students. Many times after a class I have marveled…

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