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NEW YEAR – So you want to be an actor?


NOW taking enrolments.


*For more information regarding all classes please contact – Sophie Sardi: 
9432-3062 0419 539030 or email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au

“In this expanding digitalised world, where we rely more and more each day on technology to communicate with one and other, we are in danger of becoming more and more isolated.” … Peter Sardi


DRAMA CLASSES – So you want to be an actor?  It’s a ‘noble profession’ as William Shakespeare once said.  However – there are other very good reasons to participate in a Drama Class beyond wanting to succeed in this acting profession. What are they?


<–In this VIDEO Peter talks about the value of ‘Drama Classes’ in combating the ‘disconnection’ that has resulted from an over reliance on technology to communicate.



<-A Montage of film “snippets” from some of our students that have walked through our doors over the last few years.

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