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I was bartending for a long time and going on auditions and was constantly being rebuffed." … Mark Ruffalo


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ACTORS AUDITIONS                  James Dean & Paul Newman early audition!

The audition process for the actor can at times be a harrowing experience.  If you are an actor and have been auditioned in the past for various roles, whether successful or not, you will find David Mamet's thoughts on the audition process interesting and maybe even comforting.

MAMET: "The audition process selects for the most blatant (and not even the most attractive) of the supplicants.  As a hiring tool, it is geared to reject all but the hackneyed, the stock, the predictable-in short, the counterfeit.  The casting agent, and, to the largest extent, the talent agent are unacknowledged adjuncts of the production companies and studios. They reason, and in their place you or I might reason similarly, that the actors come and go but the producers go on forever.  The producers are not interested in discovering the new.  Who in their right mind would bet twenty million dollars on an untried actor?  They want the old – cont…
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 Some thoughts on the actor's audition process by David Mamet

"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under the imaginary given circumstances." 
... Sanford Meisner

In this brief 2+ minute video 
Peter Sardi touches on a few significant truths about acting.







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