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Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? ... T.S. Eliot

  • November Newsletter

    QUOTE OF THE MONTH"The theatre is an act engendered by human reactions and impulses, by contacts between people."~ Jerzy Grotowski


    Welcome to all our NEW students – your Journey begins.
    And to all RETURNING students – your Journey continues

    *If you are interested in enrolling in our classes please contact Sophie Sardi:
    email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au   PH: 0419 539030 or 9432 3062

    *Below are our 'current' students.  Please CLICK on images below to view LARGE Pics.



    <– Hear what Jerzy Grotowski has to say about HUMAN CONTACT in Video.

    To see Peter Sardi discussing and DEMONSTRATING the importance of the CONTACT
    that needs to exist between two actors – please CLICK on the Link at the END of




    Please read this BEFORE you view Video on Left. The video on the left is a 'demonstration' of the 'playing for contact exercise' developed over an 18 year period at our school.  To some people viewing this video all they will see is two adults clowning around and making a lot of noise.  Some actors, who have the ability to look closely and really observe the exchange happening between these two actors, will see how this simple exercise is everything to do with ACTING.  When you watch two good actors performing a 'scene' together, if you look closely 'behind the veil of the scene', you will see/feel the elements of PRESENCE/CONNECTION that must exist between two actors on stage.  This ability of actors to create and bring about these elements is the foundation of an actor's craft.


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