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QUOTE OF THE MONTH:  "We convince by our presence." ~ Walt Whitman


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I want to take this opportunity to wish all the actors that passed through our doors this year all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. May your efforts throughout this year bear fruit in 2013.  Thank you for challenging me (I was challenged in many ways) and for helping me grow.  To grow, after all, is really what this journey is about.  I am reminded of Stella Adler's quote on 'actors' when she said: 
"The need of a young actor to act, is stronger than the intelligent layman can understand. The world might think that this ambition is motivated by the desire for money, success and fame. Even if the actor says this is his aim, it is still only partially true. The actor is fighting for a way of life. The theatre differs from many other professions because it is a way of life.  Tangible professions recognised and understood, are good ones; but for the time, they are too narrow for his chaotic soul.   Once channelled in the theatre and through acting, he quickly sees that his imagination is limitless. This is followed by an opening up of his emotional range.  Plays are not read, they are studied. The world is no longer a place, it is his place.  He has ceased being an observer on the fringe of life and has the audacity to go into every nook and cranny of it.  Everyday reality is not enough for the actor.  He must find an art form with which to express this reality – life!  Even if you take that platform away from him, he will grow; he has the tools, the training and the discipline.  To grow, by the way, that is his deepest and truest need when he says: "I want to be an actor."
When I look at some of the work of the actors in these Video clips (above) I see not only "scenes" but  I see and I am reminded of the days and weeks of struggle & hard work that was essential in arriving at these performances.  The hurdles & obstacles that confronted the actors in arriving at the standard of work in these clips also assisted these actors to grow.  As Stella Adler says:

To grow, that is his deepest and truest need when he says: I want to be an actor.

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