Freeing The Actor

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The purpose of Acting Methods and Techniques should be to FREE the Actor. 

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Peter Sardi sat down with Film critic and journalist Peter Krausz for a radio interview, where shares his life experiences as both actor and teacher.
In this Part One segment
Peter Sardi shares his thoughts on the fundamentals of acting and character and more…


Freeing The Actor!


The purpose of Acting Methods and Techniques should be to FREE the Actor. Unfortunately a lot of ‘techniques of acting’ often do the opposite; they constrict and hinder the actor. There is no one method or technique that is better than another. In the end all techniques should aim at FREEING the ACTOR so as he/she can most easily communicate the author’s intention by way of Theatrical Action.

Contact / Impulse Exercise
“To be present and alive on stage is to be in CONTACT.

This contact results in harmony between you and your partner. You are both together in the same moment –

Jerzy Grotowski, the famous Polish theatre director said: “Theatre is a place where one man comes out to meet another, without playing any role, he is what he is, complete in himself, he only wants to meet.” I believe that through theatre and the acting process real communication is encouraged. It gives people an opportunity to come out and meet, one human being to another human being.

Peter Sardi ~ TEACHER

My value as an acting teacher is not measured solely on a student’s commercial success. I believe my value as an acting teacher is in giving my students, in this age of technology & social media, a space where they have the opportunity to make contact at a level where real communication occurs. It’s through the elimination of blocks that interfere with that communication that most of my acting training is directed toward.

Peter Sardi ~ ACTOR

Peter Sardi’s acting career began way back in the mid seventies.  His professional acting debut was on the TV Police Drama COP SHOP in 1977.  His most recent acting role was in the Feature Film “The Legend Of Ben Hall.”  A career spanning 40 years!   Over this time Peter has appeared in numerous acting roles, too many to mention here.

“I studied under Peter over a number of years in his beginner, intermediate and advanced acting courses. I had virtually no acting experience when I started and a late starter at that. In a relatively short period of time, under Peter’s tutelage I was able to quickly move through his programs to achieving my goal of landing paid acting jobs.
 Peter is an outstanding acting teacher, coach and an outstanding human being & I could not recommend him and his acting programs more highly. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him and grateful for growth I experienced under his guidance.” … Joe Bradford

WAITING… WAITING…  “If you’re going to wait for the job … you will die.” ~ Dustin Hoffman

ACTORS are especially susceptible to this WAITING game. Why? The very stuff of the actor’s life is one where he is continually waiting for the next job, the next audition. Waiting for his/her agent to call. Actors are incredibly dependent on the director, the casting agent and their particular agent for the next acting job. This can be incredibly disempowering. Control is given over to another, the director or the agent. It is very easy for an actor to get lost in this waiting game. ~ Peter Sardi

You want to be famous..? or
Do you want to be an actor?

“In your desperate need to ‘get the part’ you cheat yourself.” ~ Ed Harris



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*For more information regarding all classes please contact Sophie Sardi: 
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