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Do Acting Methods & Techniques Free or Imprison the Actor?

GOOD NEWS!  I want to take this opportunity to congratulate 2 past students of our school.


<—Ailis Logan, for her role in the highly acclaimed Feature Film:
Alvin’s Harmonious World Of Opposites,” and…

Jessica Tregear—>Jessica
for landing a part in the TV Drama:
Deep Water.”

Couldn’t be more deserving of two of the nicest people in the business!

Peter Sardi will be a guest speaker at ‘Melbourne Actors Meet Up Group.’

On 21st May, Peter Sardi will be guest speaker at the Film Industry Networking Event, which promises to be the biggest event Melbourne Actors Meet Up Group has ever organised. Peter will talk about his experiences, the importance of continuing acting classes, what to expect on a professional set, how to prepare for and stand out in auditions, and more …

Now ~ Lets talk ‘ACTING,’ or more specifically ~
Acting Teachers, Acting methods & Techniques and Gurus.

When it comes to acting Schools and acting Techniques & Methods, it’s not always easy to decipher the ‘good’ from the, let’s say, ‘not so good.’  How do we navigate our way through a multitude of different acting techniques, styles and teachers, and choose the good one’s, the ‘authentic’ one’s?  Firstly ~continue~

“Actors who go down in a Cult of a Dogma or a Teacher often, when you work with them, the first thing you notice is that they are just NEVER LISTENING.” ~ Ed Norton

“Some schools turn acting techniques into very, very dogmatic schools of thought. Very controlling ideas of how an actor should work, and those relationships between Acting Teachers & Acting Students are unhealthy, they are co-dependent relationships.”

~ Ed Norton

“I am against Dogma and particular techniques. Some techniques instead of empowering you can actually imprison you as an actor.  I have never believed in acting teachers becoming Gurus.”
~ Robert Benedetti

Teacher, Preacher or Guru?

How do we assess if a particular acting technique or method Imprisons or Frees us?
~ continue~

In the Video Clips below  Ed Norton and Robert Benedetti share their ideas on ‘Acting Teachers,’ ‘Acting methods & techniques’ and ‘Gurus.’

Actor’s Perspective                                                         Director’s Perspective

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