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Communication Breakdown

“Communication Breakdown?”

Communication Breakdown was the title of a song by Roy Orbison way back when the word communication didn’t conjure up images of computers, mobile phones, emails and all things digital.  The world is expanding at an unprecedented pace where new technologies come into existence daily that advocate a better & faster way to communicate.  In this expanding digitalised world, where we rely more and more each day on technology to communicate with one and other, we are in danger of becoming more and more isolated.

Communication – real communication – from one human being to another human being, without the aid of technology, is becoming more and more rare.   This growing dependency on technology to communicate is resulting in an increasing sense of isolation and separation from the physical world around us, and an isolation and separateness to our fellow human beings and … to our very Self.

The further we move forward, toward a future of digitalized, computerized, mechanized communications, the greater the danger of a real Communication Breakdown.  The further we move forward into this future, the greater the need for each one of us to move forward toward another human being – and make real contact.

I believe that my value as an acting teacher is not measured solely on a student’s commercial success.  I believe my value as an acting teacher is in giving my students, in this age of technology & social media, a space where they have the opportunity to make contact at a level where real communication occurs:  And it’s through the elimination of blocks that interfere with that communication that most of my acting training is directed toward.

Jerzy Grotowski, the famous Polish theatre director and teacher once said:

“Theatre is a place where one man comes out to meet another, without playing any role – He is what he is, complete in himself – He only wants to meet.”

I believe that through theatre and the acting process real communication is encouraged.

It gives people an opportunity to come out and meet – One Human Being to another human Being.

You do have a choice …

Communication Breakdown … or … Communication Breakthrough?

…Peter Sardi – December 18th /2013

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