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By Jerzy Grotowski … thoughts on Theatre & Acting …

“To eliminate the blockages towards spontaneous creativity.  We must  find what it is that hinders the actor in the way of respiration, movement  and most important of all HUMAN CONTACT.  What resistances are there? How can they be eliminated? I Want to take away, steal from the actor all that disturbs him.  That which is creative will remain within him/her. It is a liberation.” 

“The core of the theatre is an encounter.  The man who makes an act of self-revelation is, so to speak, one who establishes contact with himself – not merely a confrontation with his thoughts, but one involving his whole being from his instincts and his unconscious right up to his most lucid state.” 

“The theatre is also an encounter between creative people.  It is, as director, who I am confronted with the actor, and the self-revelation of the actor gives me a revelation of myself.  The actors and myself are confronted with the text.  Now, we cannot express what is objective in the text.  My encounter with the text resembles my encounter with the actor and his with me.” 

“For both the director and the actor, the author’s text is a sort of scalpel enabling us to open ourselves, to transcend ourselves, to find what is hidden within us and to make the act of encountering the others; in other words, to transcend our solitude.” 

“For me , a creator of theatre , the important thing is not the words but what we do with these words, what gives life to the inanimate words of the text, what transforms them into “the Word”.  I will go further: the theatre is an act engendered by “human reactions and impulses” by contacts between people.  This is both a biological and a spiritual act!”

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