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QUOTE OF MONTH“It is only when you abandon your ambitions that they become possible.” … Thomas Keneally

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FLOW & EASE:  "Acting" when done well, has an inherent quality of 'flow & ease'. This quality can only come from the ACTOR. For me, Morgan Freeman exemplifies this quality in his work and importantly, in his life. And this is my point: as actors we often get caught up in our desperate need to 'work', to 'get the part', to be 'accepted'. This desperation often contaminates the individual actor and his/her work.  Tension begins to creep into the work and the actor's life as he/she strives to be accepted, to be validated.  As we strive to do all those things that actors do in order to 'work,' it is important to remain centred and balanced and not let your intense ambition and need to work result in tension. Your LIFE and how you choose to live your life free of this tension, should be your prime concern. Look after your body and your mind and hold onto life with an open hand.  If you do this, your life will have a flow and ease and this quality will inform your acting.  Of course, just like acting, always easy to understand and a lot harder to DO. … Peter Sardi … 10/8/2013

"In your desperate need to 'get the part' you cheat yourself." … Ed Harris
Do you want to be 'In The Movies'?  OR…
Do you want to be an 'ACTOR'?

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I studied under Peter over a number of years in his beginner, intermediate and advanced acting courses. I had virtually no acting experience when I started and a late starter at that. In a relatively short period of time, under Peter's tutelage I was able to quickly move through his programs to achieving my goal of landing paid acting jobs.
Peter is an outstanding acting teacher, coach and an outstanding human being & I could not recommend him and his acting programs more highly. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him and grateful for growth I experienced under his guidance.
… Joe Bradford

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