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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.." … Eleanor Roosevelt

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Next Year – after 30 years of acting, teaching and directing actors,
Peter Sardi will be releasing the first of a series of:


For many years now I have been contemplating writing a book about the craft of acting. To be honest, I have struggled in my attempt to even begin this project.  Why?  Because the skill of acting, like the skill of dancing or any of the performing arts is best learned by demonstration and not explanation.  However, good books on the craft of acting – there are a few – are valuable.  "True & False" by David Mamet is one of the few good books ever written on the craft of acting.  This book opens a door, and points one in the right direction in terms of what constitutes good acting. 
The difficulty with books though, is that they are comprised of words, and when it comes to the craft of acting, words will always fall short.  Words attempt to explain what it is that good actors do – however – ACTING IS ALL IN THE DOING.  You can describe the doing or you can demonstrate the doing.  To describe the fundamentals of the craft of acting through text has it's own inevitable limitations.  Yes – you may UNDERSTAND what I am saying – but to understand something and to KNOW something is quite different.  Understanding is of the mind/intellect.  Knowing is rooted deeply in THE BODY.  I believe we learn the craft of acting, more specifically by demonstration and by doing.   Therefore, I have decided to produce a series of DVD's where you will be able to step into our classes and view – first hand – actors in the practice of their craft.

Here is a 'brief' sample of what Series One of the DVD will be comprised of:

Current Term 3 Acting Classes students

Advanced Acting Class students –>
The Character.
The actor will progress from Acting 2/Creating a Scene via Improvisation and move toward Acting 2/The Character.  Work in this class is ‘advanced work’.  Students will only be permitted to participate in this class at the invitation of Peter Sardi.



Intermediate Acting Class students –>
Creating a Scene via Improvisation.

The focus of this Acting Class is utilizing the skills, acquired in Acting 1 The Instrument,  to produce a dialogue between two people via Improvisation.


Beginners Acting Class students –>
Acting 1 The Instrument.  In the same way that a pianist has his instrument –“The Piano”– an actor also has his instrument. The Actor’s instrument is his BODY. Within the BODY lie the actor’s ‘tools’ which he /she utilizes in the effort to create the life of a human being – a Character.  Through a methodical practice of specific exercises these tools are developed and strengthened as they eventually lead to the awakening of the creative capacities within the actor.

<–Acting For Camera Workshop
Acting for The Camera requires specific skills which differ from acting for the stage. Peter will utilize his many years of experience to impart valuable information to the student. The student will perform actual Film/TV scenes which will subsequently be “played back” on a TV monitor. The student in this way has the opportunity to see ‘first hand’ the results of his/her work. Discussion and feed back will be given on the students progress and ability to take direction.



If you are an actor in need of a Head Shot – the GOOD NEWS is – John Warren, one of the most experienced photographers around, is offering a DISCOUNT for the month of AUGUST only.  For more information you can contact John on:
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