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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old
by deserting our ideals."
  … Samuel Ullman


A sneak peek inside our school.  

The Video/clip below takes a peak inside Peter Sardi's class discussing one of his acting exercises called "The Doing Exercise." When executed correctly, this exercise assists the actor in developing a strong sense of 'presence' – an important quality an actor must acquire.  The goal is to hold the audience's (camera's) attention through  the execution of a series of very specific 'activities'(stage business) without the use of lines/text. 

 Below are all our "current" Term One students!
*To view LARGE pic  please click on pics below.

WELCOME:  All brand new students——–>
to our School.  I look forward to working with you over the duration of this term.

For those of you who applied for this term classes and could not get in, you will be kept in the loop via these monthly newsletters. We hope to see you next term.




I can accept deliberate thinking only from a philosopher who organizes and arranges the otherwise chaotic and subjective processes of human thought into an objective viewpoint of life.  He is taking himself out of the action – we actors are involved in it.  To act is to DO, not to think.” … Uta Hagen

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