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Actor Training & The Purpose Of Rehearsals

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS   You are without doubt a fabulous teacher and this is largely because you so passionately believe in what you do and your method of teaching. It is a formula that works! I know you’ve spent years perfecting it.  I feel honored to have been able to benefit from all your years of experience. Every time I’ve enrolled I have often thought I get from you far more than my monies worth. ~ Janine

  And when those words are written on a page in the form of a SCRIPT they Lie MOST of the time.  In a well written script characters often don’t say what they mean or mean what they say.  It’s in the subtext where the actual scene unfolds.  It’s our job as actors to communicate what is ‘going on’.  And what is really going on is often in contradiction to the words being spoken.

It’s via the ‘REHEARSAL PROCESS’ that actors are able to transcend the scripted dialogue and thus communicate a dramatic performance through pure behavior.   The dialogue coming out of the actors mouths is an end product of the impulses engendered by the actors discovered through the rehearsal process.
The rehearsal process is essential in assisting actors to transcend the dialogue.   It’s in transcending the dialogue/text that actors are able to find the truth of a dramatic scene.
THE PURPOSE OF REHEARSAL ~ is to assist the actors to transcend the dialogue on the page, and to find the specific IMPULSES that give birth to the dialogue.

In the two scenes below, performed by students of our school, you will see the end result of this specific REHEARSAL PROCESS.


An element in ‘actor training’ is in assisting the actor to connect to his IMPULSES.  There are several exercises that help the actor in connecting to his impulses.  A signature exercise of our school, demonstrated here, is the ‘Playing For Contact’ exercise, otherwise affectionately know as ‘The Bull Ring.’ This exercise when executed correctly assists the actor to go beyond his intellectual mind and open a door into pure presence and spontaneity.

I enjoyed your classes so much! Thanks for everything over the last year or so, I have learned a lot about Acting and life in general! Your Classes allowed me to explore myself a little more than what I would have otherwise in just everyday life. Your classes provoke the desire in people to learn more about themselves and learn about the craft of Acting. Many Thanks.  …Melanie

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