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Acting Teacher or Guru?

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GOOD NEWS!  I want to take this opportunity to congratulate 2 past students of our school.

Ailis Logan

<—Ailis Logan, for her role in the highly acclaimed Feature Film:
Alvin’s Harmonious World Of Opposites,” and…

Jessica Tregear—>Jessica Tregear
for landing a part in the TV Drama:
Deep Water.”

Couldn’t be more deserving of two of the nicest people in the business!


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“Actors who go down in a Cult of a Dogma or a Teacher often, when you work with them, the first thing you notice is that they are just NEVER LISTENING.” ~ Ed Norton

Some schools turn acting techniques into very, very dogmatic schools of thought.  Very controlling ideas of how an actor should work, and those relationships between Acting Teachers & Acting Students are unhealthy, they are co-dependent relationships.
~ Ed Norton

(*See Video below.)

I am against Dogma and particular techniques. Some techniques instead of empowering you can actually imprison you as an actor.  I have never believed in acting teachers becoming Gurus.
~ Robert Benedetti

(See Video below.)

In the Video Clips below Ed Norton (Actor) & Robert Benedetti (Director) share their ideas on Acting Teachers, Acting methods & techniques.

Actor’s Perspective                                                               Director’s Perspective





When acting techniques become dogma and teachers become gurus…

We like to think the creative arts is an area dissimilar to the often dogmatic practices of religion or politics and the like. But the creative arts can undoubtedly possess similar attributes once a group is formed or generated.

The actor in his search to find an acting technique and skill in performing can come across so many different schools of thought. He or she, not knowing which way to turn, can sometimes find him/herself embroiled in a group that believes theirs is the “only way” very much like fundamentalist religion can sometimes profess to do the same. “You will go to hell if you don’t believe in the way. ” Trying to convert one to a specific line of thinking or belittling the way another works; or claiming that this person is succeeding because of the methods they are using; are all doing very much the same thing the fundamentalist evangelist does while promoting their own religion.   There is an underlying exclusivity, clique or feeling that a particular group is superior.

The learning environment is contaminated by this thinking even though there is a genuine need to discover what it is to act.  The group and or philosophy becomes and end in itself when its role was initially intended to serve the craft of acting. The actor is therefore ultimately given no room to breathe or explore beyond the boundaries of the group’s particular technique.  Dogma takes precedence instead of exploration. There are so many paths to the craft of acting as are there so many paths to “god.”   There is no one true religion as there is no one true to path to act.

It is the challenge for the new actor to find a teacher or school or group that can promote learning in the craft of acting with an openness and expansiveness that includes all forms of thought; that goes beyond the boundaries of a specific technique taught.

Each role requires the actor to draw upon any number of skills and it is the discerning actor who is able to identify which particular path will assist him or her in this specific role.  It requires an openness, flexibility and ability to experiment with a number of choices which will make the role come alive for the actor.  The technique therefore is simply the vehicle through which the actor is able to ultimately serve the play & the playwright’s intention. It is not an end in itself.  — Peter & Sophie Sardi  © 2016

“A genuine teacher does not seek to impress you with their greatness, but instead to impress upon you that you possess the skills to discover your own.” — Charles F. Glassman


NOW taking enrolments for the New Term


*For more information regarding all classes please contact Sophie Sardi: 
9432-3062 0419 539030 or email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au

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