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*For more information regarding all classes please contact Sophie Sardi: 
9432-3062 0419 539030 or email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au

AUGUST ~ Brings GOOD NEWS for our Acting Students!

AilisAILIS LOGAN:  A long standing student of our school, will be appearing in the Australian premiere of the TV Series: RESTORATION.  Premiering Saturday 6 August 9.30pm on free-to-air television channel 9Go!  If you missed it you can see it on Stan from September 8th.  CONGRATULATIONS AILIS!
        Ailis TESTIMONIAL!                      Check out the Trailer now!


CLAUDIA GREENSTONE has landed a 4 month gig on the popular TV Soap


BRYCE HARDY will be appearing in the TV Series:
“Under The Milky Way.”

MONTANA GUARDIANI is off to the US of A!  Montana will be attending “The William Esper Studio,” in New York City, where she will continue her studies in the craft of acting.          CONGRATULATIONS MONTANA!     

                                                    Montana TESTIMONIAL!




In May of 2016 Peter Sardi was invited to speak at the Melbourne Actors Meet Up Group.
On this night Peter shared his experiences on ‘acting,’ and what living the actor’s life entails.  Some of the topics that Peter spoke about on this night were filmed and can be viewed in this video.

*Keeping your initial creative impulse alive. 
*Not giving your power away. 
*Holding onto your ideals and your self, in a world that’s trying to make you something else. 
*Surround yourself with like minded spirited people. 
*Creating a space where Process precedes Result. 

The World doesn’t support the ‘actor’s process,’ very little time if any is dedicated to nurturing it.  Instead the creative process is stifled by actors being forced to come up with quick results. A result driven age where there is much to see but little to look at or deeply engage in.  Actors are frequently subject to a society where ‘success’ is measured in terms of popularity, fame and fortune.  Amidst the superficiality, it is critical for the actor to Reconnect To The Initial Creative Impulse,
and rediscover that which ignited his passion in the first place.

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Actors: Alan Stephens & Bill ThomasActors: Reschelle O'Connor & Adele Elasmar

Actors: Sean Kitcher & Gabriella MazzarinoActors: Victoria Liu & Sri Devabhaktuni









The images above are from Scenes being performed on our End Of Term Performance Night, where fellow students are invited to participate in the theatre experience.  For students to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience is vitally important to the development of the actor’s craft.

The thing that all forms of theatre have in common is the need for an audience. This is more than a truism:
In the theatre the audience completes the steps of creation.  Theatre exists in the here and now. It is what happens at that precise moment when you perform, that moment at which the world of the actors and the world of the audience meet.”  ~ Peter Brook.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students in the ‘advanced class’ (above), for their time, energy, commitment and hard work throughout the term.  I very much look forward to seeing your scenes come alive in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE on PERFORMANCE NIGHT!
And to those students in the Intermediate and Beginners classes, many thanks for your enthusiastic participation and commitment throughout the term.


NOW taking enrolments for the New Term


*For more information regarding all classes please contact Sophie Sardi: 
9432-3062 0419 539030 or email: acting@peter-sardi.com.au

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