Anything that we have to learn we learn by actually doing it we become just by performing just acts, temperate by performing temperate ones, brave by performing brave ones. ... Aristotle

Peter Sardi ~ ACTOR

Peter Sardi as Mr. Garland<—Peter Sardi in the role of Mr. Garland in the Feature Film
“The Legend Of Ben Hall.”


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Understanding the language of actors…
It is most important, as a director, that you know how to communicate with your actors.  We actors are a special breed – you need to communicate to an actor’s sensibilities and not to his/her intellect.  A lot of directors believe the more information you pour into an actors head the better equipped he/she will be to give you the performance you need.  Often ‘more information’ will only hinder the actor and get in the way of what all good performances strive to arrive at being a heartfelt performance.  In DAVID MAMET’S words: “Good Acting Comes From the Heart and Goes to the Heart, there is no Mentality in it.”