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A Christmas message…


Christmas is here – again.  This time last year we were busy running around in an attempt to complete all those things that need to be completed before Christmas.  Here we are again – running around in the hustle and bustle that is Christmas.  There are lists we need to make. Gifts we need to buy.  Friends we need to catch up with. House work we need to do.  Calls we need to make. Emails we need to write and a zillion other things we need to complete – all before Christmas. But it's not over. There’s the post Christmas sales! So we run around in pursuit of that bargain we have to have. That special we mustn't miss out on. Then, when all the "craziness" is over and New Year's Day finally dawns – for most of us around noon – and our hangover settles, we finally STOP. We reflect on the year that was.  The battles won, and the battles lost. The friends we made, and the friends we lost……….As we reflect on these things and as we look back on the year that was and assess our performance: where we succeeded and where we failed.  I feel it’s important we ask the questions: “What is success?  What is failure?”  Someone once said: “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it.”  In our western society success is usually gauged by our material gain.  What we ‘get’ for our work. ……..For the actor, success is: “I got the part!”  Failure is: “I didn’t get the part.”  But if you are a true artist/actor, your “success” will not be measured solely on whether you get the part or don’t get the part.  Your success will be measured by the joy you experience in doing your work.  If you are a true artist and your painting sells and you make a lot of money – that will just be a bi-product of what it is you do.  The material gain/money is a bonus. ……..So as you reflect on the year that was and you ask yourself: “Was this a successful year for me?  Think not only about what you got for all your efforts, but think also on what you became. How much you have grown as a human being.  What you know now that you didn’t know then.  What you learned, not only from your successes but more importantly, what you learned from your mistakes. 

A VERY JOYOUS XMAS …and a SUCCESSFUL 2012          Peter & Sophie Sardi

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