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  • The Role of Emotion in Performance


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    What is it to be ‘truthful’ in your acting?

    I believe that the best actors don’t show that they’re ‘acting’.  If actors draw attention to themselves they’re probably over-acting, pushing, playing the emotion or holding onto emotion.  When actors do this they [more]

    In this Video Peter Sardi answers the question:
    What is ‘over-acting?’




    In this Video Peter Sardi  Demonstrates the difference between non truthful acting & truthful acting.


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    You are without doubt a fabulous teacher and this is largely because you so passionately believe in what you do and your method of teaching. It is a formula that works! I know you’ve spent years perfecting it. I feel honored to have been able to benefit from all your years of experience. Every time I’ve enrolled I have often thought I get from you far  more than my monies worth. – Janine Harrison

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