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  • QUOTE OF THE MONTH: "The theatre is an act engendered by human reactions and impulses, by contacts between people; when we open ourselves to others via a confrontation we are able to experience ourselves." … Jerzy Grotowski


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    MONDAY 20th September 
     7.45PM – 9.15PM   (Free admission!)
    Where :  290 Burnley Street Richmond …view <MAP>
    Acting students from our 'advanced' class will perform a selection of scenes they have been 
    working on through out the term.  Here you will have the opportunity to see the high 
    standard of work being achieved at the school. 

    To view video samples of our "NEXT" Performance Night - Click Pic below.

    Acting Exercises. Why do them?
    Below is a brief example of an exercise which assists the actor in developing the most important skill
    in the craft of acting. The ability to live in a moment to moment reality with his fellow actor on a level that transcends dialogue.  What communicates on stage (and off stage) is behavior.  What a person/character says  (text)  is often in direct contradiction to what is actually going on between two people. 
    "It's between the lines/text where the performance occurs." 

    The exercise below is one of many that develop this ability.

    What does this Video have in common with
    the Video on the right?
    (besides the actor Anthony Mendolia)

    "It's between the lines/text where the performance occurs."

    Below – is an actual scene where, if you look closely, you will see:

    A 'connection' between the actors (Anthony Mendolia & Jon Bryden) beyond the words they are speaking. 

    It's through the practice of specific acting exercises that these actors have acquired this most essential skill.

    What does this Video have in common with
    the Video on the left?

    (besides the actor Anthony Mendolia)

    Actors Showreels!

    What is a showreel?  A Showreel is a short video that shows how you look & sound on camera. 
    You’ll find that most directors & agents want to see a clip from your showreel to get some idea of how you look & perform to camera.  If doing a showreel is something that may interest you – you can access all information and also see a 'sample' showreel by clicking on pic here —>

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