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AUGUST ~ Brings GOOD NEWS for our Acting Students!

The Month of August has been quite a productive month for a few actors who have walked through our doors.  These students have worked very hard in the time that they were studying at our school, and it’s always good to hear news of their most recent acting appearances in television and film.
We wish them continued success as they pursue their careers and follow their passion!

 Ailis Logan                          Bryce Hardy                             Claudia Greenstone

To view our FULL NEWSLETTER and see what these actors have been up to, please ‘click’ on any of the pics!

In May of 2016 Peter Sardi was invited to speak at the Melbourne Actors Meet Up Group.
Peter shared his experience on:

* Keeping your initial creative impulse alive.
* Not giving your power away.
* Holding onto your ideals and your self,
in a world that’s trying to make you something else. 

* Surrounding yourself with like minded spirited people.
* Creating a space where Process precedes Result.

<– Listen to what Peter says on the above topics.


Actors: Alan Stephens & Bill ThomasActors: Reschelle O'Connor & Adele Elasmar

Actors: Sean Kitcher & Gabriella MazzarinoActors: Victoria Liu & Sri Devabhaktuni

Scenes being performed on our End Of Term Performance Night, where fellow students are invited to participate in the theatre experience.  For students to have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience is vitally important to the development of the actor’s craft.

The thing that all forms of theatre have in common is the need for an audience.   This is more than a truism:
In the theatre the audience completes the steps of creation.  Theatre exists in the here and now. It is what happens at that precise moment when you perform, that moment at which the world of the actors and the world of the audience meet.”  ~ Peter Brook.


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